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2024 Open Enrollment Text Templates for Health Insurance Agents

Make Open Enrollment 2024 a seamless and successful experience for you and your clients.

Welcome to the Open Enrollment season for 2024! To help you navigate this process with ease and professionalism, we've prepared a collection of free text templates designed specifically for Open Enrollment 2024. These templates are tailored to various stages of the enrollment journey, from initial announcements to reminders and follow-ups. By utilizing these templates, you can enhance your communication efforts, provide valuable guidance to your clients, and ensure a successful enrollment season for all.

Feel free to adapt and personalize these text templates to suit your specific needs and client base during the Open Enrollment period in 2024, and discover the quick and easy process of integrating them into your TopBroker account below.

So, let's dive in and explore these ready-to-use text templates that will make Open Enrollment 2024 a breeze for you and your clients.


Template #1: Open Enrollment Announcement

Hi [firstname], It's that time of the year again! Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace begins on Nov 1, 2023. I'm here to assist you in reviewing your 2024 health insurance options. When works best for you?

Template #2: Friendly Follow Up

Hi [firstname], I'm reaching out about health insurance options for 2024. Is there a good time or day for me to call you so we can go over plans?

Template #3: Last Chance Follow Up

Hi [firstname], Open Enrollment for 2024 health plans is ending soon. Do you still need help exploring your options?

Template #4: Scheduled Appointment Reminder

Hi [firstname], I look forward to our appointment today at [nextactiontime] to discuss your health insurance options. Talk to you then!

Template #5: Missed Appointment Follow-Up

Hi [firstname], I just tried calling you for our appointment to go over your health insurance options for 2024. Can you talk?


How to Add Your Templates in TopBroker CRM

Using TopBroker CRM, you can create and tailor text templates to match your unique client and communication requirements. Here's are the steps for adding the templates mentioned above to your account:

  1. Login to TopBroker CRM

  2. Open the Email and Text tab from the side menu

  3. Select Text Templates

  4. Click the button Create Text Template

  5. Create a name for your new text template

  6. Copy/paste the body of the message into the body of the template

  7. Insert additional merge fields as needed

  8. Select Create/Submit to save your new template

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