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What is a Web-Based CRM?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Discover why a web-based CRM is better than traditional CRM software.

Tracking sales leads is a challenge for many insurance agents, and it’s not uncommon to spend more time trying to manage your business than actually making sales.

Companies of all sizes are starting to realize the significant benefits of using customer relationship management (CRM) software and how it can help build long-term relationships with their clients.

This article will explain what a web-based CRM is, how it works for you, why you should use one, and who can benefit from implementing a CRM. We will also share why TopBroker CRM is the industry’s leading CRM software for health and life insurance agents.


What is a Web-Based CRM?

A web-based CRM is a customer relationship management software that is hosted by the CRM provider and is accessed through the internet.

It’s also commonly referred to as software as a service (SaaS).

A web-based solution differs from a traditional, on-premise system, which is installed on a company’s server and requires its IT department to perform any system updates or maintenance. Unlike a web-based CRM, a traditional system cannot be used remotely.

As data management becomes more complex, many businesses are switching to a web-based CRM solution.

How Does a CRM Work?

An all-in-one CRM integrates sales, marketing, and automation to help streamline the way you do business. Think of it as your very own digital assistant! It allows you to track every interaction, deliver superior customer service, and help the sales process run more efficiently.

A robust CRM enables you to:

  • Track a lead throughout the entire sales process

  • Store important customer information, sales, and files

  • Manage upcoming, expired, or pending tasks

  • Schedule client follow-ups, appointments, and other meetings

  • Digitally prepare and send custom, branded quotes

  • Automate marketing and sales processes

Managing customer information began decades ago, but one statement remains true: properly managing your client information is vital for driving business growth and maintaining long-term relationships.

Why Use a CRM Tool?

The process of nurturing long-term relationships is complex and strenuous, but it's incredibly valuable for building a stable and successful business. By having the right tools available to you, you can optimize your workflow and improve the way you interact with your clients.

With a reliable CRM solution, you can:

  • Access your client's information from anywhere, anytime

  • Easily transfer and store data within your agency

  • Eliminate having to perform system updates and maintenance

  • Reduce monthly subscription fees

  • Get unlimited technical support (that's a big deal!)

  • Cancel at any time

Some other benefits include increased sales, improved marketing efforts, and more satisfied customers. It's never too late to implement reliable CRM software and avoid the pitfalls of poor client and agency management.

Who Can Benefit from Using a CRM?

Implementing a web-based solution is a game-changer for most businesses, especially those with employees working remotely. If you are a business that has sales and marketing, creates and sends quotes, and wants to improve and foster long-term customer relationships, then a CRM might be right for you!

Ready to Change the Way You Do Business?

TopBroker CRM is a web-based CRM focused on helping insurance agents and agencies manage their business more efficiently. With TopBroker, you have access to all of the tools and resources needed to help your business grow, manage an agency, improve client retention, and automate your marketing and sales processes.


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